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What are the factors that affect the wear strength of circular blades

time:2023-07-03 popularity:65

Circular blades are usually sturdy, durable, and have good cutting performance, but over time they will definitely experience a certain degree of wear, which is related to the following key factors.

Production materials

The hard and wear-resistant material used for making circular blades is good, but at the same time, the lower the toughness. Hardness and toughness are opposite, which is also an area that needs improvement and improvement. If it is a graphite round blade, the material can be chosen with better toughness.

Surface coating

Diamond coated circular blades have the advantages of high hardness, good wear resistance, and low friction coefficient, making them the ideal production method at present. However, the production cost is relatively high, and currently the technology in this area in China is not mature enough. Graphite coated circular blades are widely used and have strong practicality.

Therefore, if you want to reduce the wear of circular blades, priority can be given to materials and coatings.

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